Sometimes it can be hard to find the words to express a deep or difficult feeling. Or the root of the problem may feel frustratingly unknown. If we can go beyond talking about something, into imagination and creativity, we can be amazed by the clarity within.

Image and metaphor are the language of the unconscious mind. Multi Arts Psychotherapy utilises this rich symbolic language, as well as conversation, to support your self-exploration.

Some people find it easy to visualise things, for others hearing or touch may be stronger senses. Having a range of different arts available to work with, enables you to choose what feels right in any moment and explore things from different perspectives.

Multi Arts Psychotherapy can include:

  • ART – drawing, painting, collage and clay
  • DRAMA – storytelling, role-play and improvisation
  • SOUND – music, voice, rhythms and poetry
  • MOVEMENT – dance, gesture, posture and body awareness
  • SANDTRAY – playing with a world of miniature objects in a sandbox
  • SHAMANIC ARTS - soul retrieval or journeying (embodied mental imagery)

You choose when and how to use the various creative components on offer. It's not about the quality of the end product, it's all about the process and the meaning you take from what comes.

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