“You are fantastic Kate! Thank you so much for what you have done for my life. I finally feel better about myself; that I know myself more. You put me at ease straight away. You helped me to face my grief. I felt lost and empty like there was a hole in my body, starting at my heart and going right through me. I never knew vulnerability before meeting you, I just shut it away; but now I can feel it and for the first time ever I am crying at films. I am so aware of things now and able to deal with problems as they come up. I am proud of how I’ve changed and I feel happy.” RF

"I was 27 when I started working with Kate, having suffered with anxiety attacks for two years previously.  The integrative arts approach proved to be so much more effective than I first thought it would be; it helped me to better express the way I was feeling and also helped to identify and make links between certain aspects in my life.  Kate's professional, yet warm and caring manner enabled me to gain control over my anxiety, as well as teach me tools for the future.  I cannot thank Kate enough, she has had such a positive influence on my life."  ND

“Amazing workshop, very thought-provoking and liberating. Thank you.” Sandra

“Excellent! Tutor's personality is perfect for therapy. Very informative, exciting and enjoyable. Would definitely recommend.” Stella

“Very interesting and insightful. Well delivered and thought-provoking.” Bob

"A fab experience! I'm taking away the confidence to be more creative. Thank you for an inspiring day." Dawn

“Fantastic! Kate is a great facilitator. A very full and colourful workshop. Thought-provoking exercises to help me understand my emotions and set positive intentions. Interesting artworks to hang-up and think about.” Jacqui

“I really enjoyed the course. Time passed by extremely fast. I feel more energised and more creative. I feel I'm not alone with all these feelings...” Cinthya

"Very positive. Great handouts and I've learnt techniques - that's good for the price! I would recommend you." Sara

"An inspiring, instructive and very useful professional development day." Pat

"Today was supportive, encouraging and confidence-building. I really enjoyed myself and it has given me some good ideas of how communication and meaning may be improved using creative methods" Sophie

"Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable, excellent day. I'm coming away with new ideas for using creative processes both for myself and my clients" Helen

"Kate very quickly established trust within the group. I thought we all worked together really powerfully." Kim

"Really enjoyable and interesting - lots of food for thought. I've gained some new insights into myself, and some ideas for integrating creative tools into my counselling." Kate